Local Fitting Center

"Are you looking to move your safety eyewear program off the jobsite and into the hands of a professional?"

Enroll in our Local Fitting Center Program and Mancine Optical will recruit experienced local opticians to help you manage your program and to dispense your prescription safety glasses to your employees. Local opticians, equipped with guidelines and specifications related to your account, will serve as fit centers and will assist your employees with their frame, lens, and eyewear choices. Most fit centers are even equipped to offer eye examinations to your staff as well. Best of all, Mancine will ensure that these centers are located convenient and close to your facility.

Mancine Optical will work with you to choose the frames that are right for your staff and will provide your chosen frame selection to nearby offices. You can choose frames from any of our suppliers:

Titmus Safety Glasses
Hudson Safety Glasses
OnGuard Safety Glasses
Guard-Dog Safety Glasses
Wiley-X Safety Glasses

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