Onsite Optician

"Need more control of your safety eyewear program? Make arrangements for Mancine Optical to come to you!"

With Mancine, industrial onsite eyewear fittings are both convenient and easy. Our opticians are seasoned professionals with over one hundred years of accumulated safety eyewear experience. When our onsite opticians come to you, you get both more control AND less hassle. Work directly with Mancine to schedule our opticians either as-needed or months in advance. We can schedule impromptu fittings or implement an ongoing schedule.

With our onsite prescription safety eyewear programs, your staff will never need to leave the jobsite to address their eyewear needs. Additionally, you'll have the luxury of addressing more employee needs at once then with other methods. Our onsite opticians won't only assist your employees with their lens and frame selections. They'll also handle the submission of all eyewear orders and calculate any advance payments or payables over the employee's allowance. Which means our customers never have to deal with frivolous paperwork and unnecessary distractions.

Looking for frame options for prescription safety glasses?

Titmus Safety Glasses
Hudson Safety Glasses
OnGuard Safety Glasses
Guard-Dog Safety Glasses
Wiley-X Safety Glasses

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