Polarized Lenses

There are huge benefits that come with choosing polarized lenses for your safety eyewear.  Not only do polarized lenses block UV rays, they also drastically reduce eyestrain resulting in better overall comfort to the user.  Note that in hazardous environments, comfort to the user is critical as it will deter the wearer from removing his glasses, ultimately reducing eye injuries.

Polarized lenses also improve visual acuity by reducing the horizontal light being reflected off of certain surfaces.  Such horizontal glare is more prevalent then many safety managers realize.  Surfaces such as large bodies of water, flat roads and snow-covered areas are all highly reflective resulting in an increase in bothersome horizontal light waves.  Polarized lenses block these waves with polarizers which only allow the vertical light waves to pass through the lens, ultimately substantially reducing problems due to glare.

Polarized lenses achieve their filtering properties by way of a chemical film that is applied to the lens. The principle of polarized light reduction is best illustrated by thinking of a polarized lens as a Venetian blind. The blind blocks light at certain angles while allowing light to transmit through selected angles. Polarizing filters are aligned 90° to the angle of the polarized light.