Solid Tint

There are many instances in which the application of a tinted lens in one's prescription safety eyewear is both beneficial and necessary. Working long hours in brightly lit environments or where frequent and dramatic light shifts occur can be extremely damaging to the eyes. Environments like these are just a few examples of how using a tinted lens can make a significant difference.

But what tints are best in certain circumstances?  Below is a general outline to help you make educated decisions when choosing which tint is right for you:

In environments with a lot of bright natural light gray colored lenses are best. Gray tints significantly reduce bright glares without distorting natural colors. They also protect the wearer's eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. The military uses this tint when working outside where vision needs to be protected without sacrificing detail.

Blue tints will sufficiently reduce glare produced by halogen or fluorescent lights. This color is also beneficial to workers who work around bright snow or white granite and need to avoid eye strain. However, blue tint also blocks out most blue lights which, in some workplaces, is unacceptable.

A good choice for those working outside are amber tinted lenses. Both harmful UV rays and glare caused by the suns rays are blocked out with these lenses. Like grey lenses, amber colored lenses assist user in seeing finer details. Brown tints are also helpful in this regard but should only be worn outside.  And additional benefit of brown tinted lenses is that they increase depth perception and assist the wearer in judging distances.

Green tints significantly reduces glare from light and are the ideal solution for protecting users from light that is created by heat. Workers who deal with furnaces and other ample sources of heat should use green infrared lenses to help protect their eyes and let them see more clearly.

Rose colored lenses are recommended for indoor office use. Especially to those who work with a computer and are at great risk of eye strain and headaches. Working in a bright fluorescent lit area or staring at a computer monitor for hours at a time can be very stressful for your eyes. Most people say that rose tints, while stylish, are also very calming for the eyes.